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TPS 2000 The Practice Solution
Flow Sensitive
From inception TPS 2000 was designed to automatically follow the logical steps of a typical patientís visit. From signing in at the front desk to therapy, to payment, to scheduling the next appointment and all steps in between TPS 2000 runs the process accurately and speedily.

Highest R.O.I.
Our Billing, Appointment Scheduling and Insurance Follow-up Center are the most advanced in the market. Realizing that solvency and consistency of monetary flows are crucial to any Practice, we have built the most powerful features into TPS 2000. Any bill can be traced in seconds to find out its progress and status.

  Fully Customizable
Built-in flexibility allows TPS 2000 to adapt reports, narratives, SOAPís, graphs, charts, letters, etc., to your specific needs. Speed and ease of operation are facilitated by simply being able to do things your way!

  Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Dentists
TPS 2000 has the version that best suits each of the health branches above. It is the most recommended management software in the industry, with 24% of all new members coming to us referred by current users.

HIPAA compliance





Downloading TPS 2000 4.2.06?

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